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In some case we will have same logical link ID or different logical link ID pointing to same Target ID. But we need to differentiate between them based on the name or type of the links in Web UI screen. In this kind of situation we can make use of the option parameter class while creating the logical link ID.

Step1: Create the new customized class and implement the interface IF_UI_LINK_PARAMETER_CLASS in it and assign this class to logical link ID.

Step2: The following methods will be available in the customized class,


Whenever the link is clicked these above methods will be hit, so make the custom logic inside it.

Step3: Also we can create some static methods or attributes in this class and we can make use of that wherever needed.

Note: If you create any global or static variables, clear those things after usage.

Example Scenarios:

1) Need to find which sales order transaction type( PROCESS_TYPE ) user have selected while creation, generally sales order create link will have one common target ID. Target ID: IC_UIU_SLO  Class : CL_CRM_IC_UIU_NAV_HELPER

2) Account create is available in standard. Requirement to create a custom logical links to add the create prospect  link in web-UI along with addition of prospect role by default. Here both links will have a common Target ID.

3) Transaction Launcher to load different transaction from CRM / ERP Class: CL_CRM_UI_LTX_NAVBAR_PARAM

4) To get BI Reports from BI System: Logical Link: UTL-SSP-RE  Class: CL_CRM_GEN_UI_BI_UTIL

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