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Hello People,

Most of the industries will prefer to view the data for a particular series in Line chart or Bar chart for the analysis. I have tried the similar analysis by using the combination chart in a different view.

To get this view, create two series in the Combination chart. Map the same set of rows or column for both the series.

Go-to the appearance tab, Make the first series as type "Column" & the second series as "Line".

Reduce the marker size for the type "Column" & increase the marker for the type "Line". Make sure the Line which connects the series in line chart has to similar to the background color. Remove the minor and major axis, So that your line won't get displayed in the chart.

These kind of view will be helpful for the customers, who got bored of viewing the same old charts. Hope experts are aware about this logic, i think for the beginners it will be really helpful.


Suman T

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