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In this blog post we will discuss the next part of the different visualization modes.

For part 1 visit this blog post: .



The selected mode is slider  visualization mode in dimension filter. The dimension mapped to this is the key field. the supported data type is integer. The slider is moved form one end to the to select the values to be filtered.


The slider is moved for the selection in the dimension filter.




The date mode is selected in the dimension filter. The date is mapped as the dimension in the filter and the date is selected for the filtration  and the filter is applied to the target. While filtering the date check the date format and apply the external key.




The complex filtration mode is selected as the visualization mode. this is usually like we can display the values selected in the filters are displayed there .The dimension what we are selecting are only displayed in the selection.


The dimension used is 'ID' and we filter the ID filed by using 'Apply filter' in the cross tab.

4. Radio

The Radio filtration mode is selected as the visualization mode. In this filter it will list all the values values that is mapped with the dimension. So we will get radio button for each values. We can select only one value at a time to filter the target data.


So you can see the selected value in the radio button.

5. Single select

This mode is like drop down but the difference here is we have a single selection only. The dimensions is mapped to dimension filter and the target data source is filtered.



Hence from this blog post we got know how we utilise the different type of dimension filter based on the requirement.




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