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There are numerous occasions when we record a BDC session to perform a task. Say for example posting of documents using FB01 transaction code.

To do this, we always follow the normal procedure of recording the session using SHDB transaction.

1. Use T-Code SHDB.

2. Record the Session by calling the transaction that is to be performed.

3. Generate the source code.

4. Modify the program and pass the values from the internal table.

This works like a charm. But I have seen numerous instances when the BDC session works fine in the development system, but when the code is moved to different landscape (like Quality or pre-production).

You will notice that different screens are called for the same transaction in different screen.

Say for example when calling transaction FB01 you may notice:

1. In Development System:

Step 1

  • Program name SAPMF05A
  • Screen Number 0100     

Step 2

  • Program Name SAPMF05A
  • Screen Number 8501

2. In Quality System

Step 1

  • Program Name SAPMF05A
  • Screen Number 0100

Step 2

  • Program Name SAPMF05A
  • Screen Number 0310.

With this, when the BDC session is processed in quality system, there will be no data to process in 0310 system and you will get errors.

To fix this problem, make sure that the editing option of the transaction you are recording are on the same editing settings in all the system.

1. Go to transaction FB01 (or any transaction being used for recording)

2. Click on Editing Option Button

3. Make sure that the Editing options in all the systems are the same.

4. Check if all the screen templates are same.

5. Record the session and use the source code in the program.

By following this, you can avoid this error.

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