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Hi all,

Intention of this post is to explain the difference between “When value becomes” & “When value changes” in Refresh option in the Dashboard Designer. I have used the Query refresh button here to explain the differences.

Rather than explaining with the dummy information, I decided to go with the real-time information. This dashboard is used to view the Collection done by Finance department by Segment, Plant, Month & Date.

I have created a dashboard, which is displaying four charts

  • Pie Chart – Segment info in percentage
  • Combination Chart 1 – plant wise info
  • Combination Chart 2 – month wise info
  • Line Chart – day wise info

Prompts applied to chart:

  • Pie Chart – Month(Ranges From – to)
  • Combination Chart 1– Month(Ranges) & Segment(Pie chart)
  • Combination Chart 2 – Month(Ranges), Segment(Pie chart) & Plant(Combination Chart 1)
  • Line Chart – Segment(Pie chart), Plant(Combination Chart 1) & Month (Combination Chart 2)

Pie Chart - Prompt

Combination Chart 1– Prompt

Combination Chart 2– Prompt

Line Chart - Prompt

All four charts are having different BW queries created in query browser to get the data into pieces of information. Generally the triggering option for the reports will be “When the value changes” i.e., when a value changed for any query using any selector automatically the data gets refreshed. But here the month is the major prompt which is having the ranges so customers need to hold the trigger until they confirm the ranges. So I have used the push button as “Submit” to confirm the changes. Once the “Submit” button is clicked the queries get triggered. Except pie chart all other three are having other prompts which are triggered when the user clicks any series values basically driven by insertion tab in the properties.

I have used four refresh button to refresh all four charts, Except the first refresh button (Pie chart) all other refresh button trigger dynamically by using “When value changes”. Let us see how the chart are get triggered now.

Pie chart (Query Refresh Button 1)

Note: I have used the option “Refresh after Components are loaded”, so here the dashboard invokes quickly and looks for the data.

Combination chart 1(Query Refresh Button 2)

Combination chart 2(Query Refresh Button 3)

Line Chart (Query Refresh Button 4)

Make sure to remove all “Refresh before components are loaded” option from the queries.

Hope this document help to understand the difference in-depth.

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