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with the newest SP of the Solution Manager 7.1 you have the oppertunity to use a new data supplier "Remote OS Script" .

This new feature we have developed and tested together with SAP . We think with this data supplier you can enhance the monitoring with your own script for all requirement which you have.

With our old monitoring system we had many different os script for our requirement . And with this solman feature we can now use this script for the new  monitoring. And we doesn't need any other monitoring system anymore , so for us is now the solman the only point of truth 🙂 .

How does it work :

The Diagnostic Agent start the script on the operating system and send the return back to the solman. And there you can use f.e. Regex or Return Code  to define a threshold and so you can setup a alert for the Metric. As Default the scripts must be located under /usr/sap/custom_scripts/ (Linux) and the diagnostic agent user must have execution right. If the script needs root right you must configure the "sudo" command for the diagnostic agent user. 

Settings in the Template Configuration :


So that all about my first blog . I hope you enjoyed it ...


Daniel (twitter: @zeronine00)

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