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Hi Guys,

First Says - Thanks to SAP Lumria Developers. It's awesome, releases in Our Biggest Ocean SAP.

In 19th Century, In Most of Organisations they Fighting with Larest data to find the required message or to finding the required details and to find the answer. They are using different ways to elaborate the this large data and they recruites the Prof. Analyzers . Every Day morning, they starts with this  To achieve this and to save the burden and to save the Man power SAP introduce the Data Analysing in SAP LUMIRA.

Main aim is to analysing the larger data and Provides the Required Data and answer with in the sort time.

I am thinking still it is required some awerness program regarding SAP LUMIRA in some countries. They still fighting with on Man Power.

You can see Trailer for Data Geek ( official Trailer in below link). Now laks of people using this Software. Help fulls to elaborate the data of customer and Market analysis,Profitiablity analysis etc.

Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data (Official Trailer)

SAP Provided some of Demo Videos for How to analyzing the Data in SAP LUMRIA.

See Below link elabrotes the Financial data big into small.

Same you like you can do HR large data in to small

Same you like you cand see below Vidoe for Supply chain analysis.

This SAP LUMIRA is awesome and help full to all organizations to analyze the large data into small.

I think Still some awarness required for these in some countries.

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