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Part 02 – ECC / Abap flavor

This blog post is the second par of this one: Previous blog (part 01)

In this part, I'll show you how to get the PlantUml schema definition of an OData entity defined on the Abap stack (on-premise system for example).

Thanks to the transaction SEGW, you can define and analyse your entities (attributes, relations...)

Example with the standard HCM Fiori services:

After a little look behind the transaction code, you can see that SAP stores the OData related model via theses DB tables (DB table names in red):

PS: I didn't even look if there were reflection APIs available here! (do you know if there are any?)

So, let's build some lines of source code to extract the PlantUml schema from the data tables...

Business logic will be encapsulated into the class: ZCL_GPI_ODATA_ENTITY.

Let's build the user interface:

Take a look on the source code:

Now you can download the PlantUml schema and render it!

For the entity selected above (segw screenshot):

And that's all ! Thanks for reading.


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