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Applies to :

EP 7.3 , AS JAVA 7.3 , DI 7.3.

Summary :

This document provides you a brief overview about the activities to perform as part of Development Infrastructure Post Installation Configuration using CMS Wizard.

In this Scenario , SLD , AS JAVA , EP , DI lies in same system.

Prerequisites :

  • SLD Should be configured .
  • Check whether the usage type DI is already installed from the URL http://host:port/startPage and choose Information about Usage Types .

Technical Details :

Open SAP NetWeaver Administrator tool using URL http://<host>:<port>/nwa with admin NWA Super admin privileges. Choose Configuration -> Scenarios -> Configuration Wizard.

Choose the link Functional Units Configuration UI and then choose the Show All Functional Units button.

In the table select, the functionality NWDI using CMS. Choose the Enable Automatically button and follow the steps of the wizard.

It asks for J2EE Admin user password. Give details correctly.  In the Define Master Password, give password and remember it as it will be used in future for all administrative purposes. Choose Next.

If SLD also lies in same server, Use the option Set up a new local SLD as shown below and give the Object Server Name of Local SLD.

Note : If SLD is on another server, then use the option Use an existing remote SLD and give the details.

Choose Next. Wizard will execute the below steps automatically.

Enter master password for default users which will set same password for all the users created by default.

  Choose Next. and give Transport directory correctly which should be existing at OS level and give Domain name as well in the wizard.

   Domain name comes by default as system ID. Give any name as per the criteria and choose Next.

If sample track need to be created , then select the check box of Create a Track otherwise Ignore and Choose Next.

Note: After finishing this task, check whether CBS, DTR and CMS functionality working or not from http://host:port/devinf.

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