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Hi All,

This the analysis of population growth world wide, My blog explains the to ten countries current population and expected population in the future i.e 2050.

Some small information related to population how it grows over the years and what are the problems of over population.

  Over the years population has changed drastically. In 1540 the population stood at 300 million. In 1750 the population was estimated at 791 millions . In 1900 it had again growth to 1.7 billion. By 1950 it had reached 2.5 billion. More than 50%  increase in the last 50 years. between 1950 and  2000 the population grew to 6.2 billions. the world current population is approximately 7.2 billion.

Problems which arises due to rapid increase of population are that of over crowding, resulting in shortages of food and water, not enough health care and fewer means of education. Its also decrease our natural habitat because we destroy woodlands, rain forests, forests and natural beauty as we need the space to build houses, schools and health centers.

1. The below one show the top ten countries current and future population.

2. Top ten countries population density/Sq. miles.

3. Top 30 Area/ Sq. miles in country wise population density.

4. By using the compose option available in the SAP Lumira, arrange all three in a single page.

5. There is lot of gender ratio variation in world wide, the figures are based on the year 2010 survey.

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