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Create Android Project and Import Libraries

The client object APIs form the core building block of Native Object API Applications and provide the common set of APIs for consistency across device platforms, thus following the "design once and deploy anywhere" paradigm of building applications.

Client Object API categories for Native Object API Application development include:

  • Object APIs that supports access to MBOs attributes, operation execution, retrieving data, state information, and so forth. The APIs offer abstraction for accessing data from the EIS, sending operation executions to the EIS, updating and deleting data, and accessing persistent store in the object-oriented paradigm, among other things.

  • Object APIs that offer consistent access to core application services across all device platforms. The APIs provide abstraction for the complex technical details of reliable communication between the device and Unwired Server. This includes a variety of network conditions for optimal transmission of data and state information, connection APIs to the back-end infrastructure, secure access to the Unwired Server data, publishing of data notifications and processing of such notifications, data protection, and access to UI management APIs and custom UI controls, such as signature control, among other things.

Install the Android SDK, and run the eclipse.exe to start the android app development. When running the eclipse for first time it asks to set up the workspace where the project will be saved.

Right click under project explorer> New> Android Application Project, and provide the below details.

Click Finish. It creates an activity class with name “SettingsActivity”.

Add the compiler and Sybase libraries to the root directory of the Android project. Copy the following files from Sybase installed directory (SDK) and paste it to the libs folder in Android project.


Modify the build path to point to the correct location for the ClientLib.jar, sup-client.jar, and UltraLiteJNI12.jar files for the project. Right click on project Customers> Properties> Java Build path. Click on Libraries> Add JARs…

Copy the object API code generated to the Customers android project inside src folder. Copy the com folder inside the Customers MBO project> Generated code> src.



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