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Create PK and Generate Code

A Personalization Key is needed to pass input from device to SAP. This key will be used while developing native app to pass the input from mobile device to SAP server. “IDRANGE” is the load parameter (ie. RFC input) of the MBO. Right click on the folder “Personalization Keys”> New> Personalization key.

Give the below details in the personalization key window, click on Finish button after setting the values. Storage can be kept server or client in the case of native application. If server is selected the Personalization key value will be stored in the server and client option stores the Personalization key value in the device itself.

Map the PK “PK_CustomerInput” with the Load Argument of MBO.

Right click on the project and click on Deploy Project that deploys the project to Unwired Server. From SCC (Sybase Control Center) navigate to packages under default domain to see the deployed MBO package.

Generate Object API

The Sybase Unwired Platform Android Client Object API consists of generated business object classes that represent the mobile business object model built and designed in the Unwired WorkSpace development environment. The Object API representing the MBO model of “Customers” project can be generated from SUP workspace.

The Android Client Object API is used by device applications to synchronize and retrieve data and invoke mobile business object operations.

Right click the Customers project and select Generate code.

On the code generation configuration screen, click Next.

Make sure the Customer and Customers_List MBOs are selected, and then click Next.

Specify the given below values and click Finish.

The code will be generated in the Project path mentioned (\Customers\Generated Code). The error in the generated code can be ignored. This generated code will be used in the android application during development.


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