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Hello All,

I’m writing this blog post to share my experience on a specific development task on Custom FIORI Launch Pad with Tiles Using SAP UI5 application.

Example : https://hostname:portnum/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?UserId=VIJAY&sap-client=100&sap-language=EN#FIORIAPPROVEAPP-display

                FIORIAPPROVEAPP- Semantic Objects and    display  -              action

The main scenario of the requirement of the applications is, I need to display the $count values on tile based on URL Parameter Userid.

STEP 1:-

I created SAP UI5 application called “CUST_FLP_LOGIN”  in eclipse.

Added services in the “manifest.json” as per the below screen shot.


Add the below screen shot code in xml view.

Add the below screen shot code in controller.

  • Initialize/get the service url from the  “manifest.json” in “onInit” method.

  • Get the all catalogs which is created under admin URL using the “onAfterRendering” method code.


  • Split the catalogs which is available under the particular group using the “loadLoinInPage” method code.

  • APR_GROUP_ID-  Group ID ( which is available under admin url). This group contain all the catalogs which is required.



  • Created custom tittle using below screen shot code(“loadCustomLoginTile”).

  • Here you will get the group name which is you created in group under Admin.


  • Create the Custom tile based on catalog names and group name using below “loadCustomLoginTile” method code.


  • If the tile contain $count service url. Going to execute the service url based on that and the count added to the Custom tile as per below screen shot code


  • Once custom time part is completed. Then we need to call corresponding application through custom tile using the “CrossApplicationNavigation” as below code.


Finally, Based the custom launch pad application will create catalog and group as per below screen shot.





Final Out of the Custom Launch pad application


Hope this is helpful All !!!


Best Regards

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