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Hi Techies,


This post may be absolute soon as the template which i have used is deprecated and soon will be removed from the platform also.

I will post new post to develop SAP Fiori/SAPUI5 app using Freestyle approach soon and provide link here.

Note: SAP Cloud Platform is now know as SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).
New Updates: After receiving many requests for help/issues related to deployment process in my mail box, I have updated the content with latest deployment process. 

New updates are available now in Section 1 and 2.

In the last Post, we covered set up for connecting on-premise SAP ABAP system with SAP BTP via cloud connector:


I have taken reference from Yuval Morad's recent blog:


In this Post we will cover:

  1. Development using on-prem OData service 

  2. Deployment of SAPUI5 application on SAP on-prem system

  3. Troubleshooting

Let's see these activities step by step.

  1. Development using on-prem OData service:

Click on File->New Project from Template – this is the same option which we used to select while developing application from template in WebIDE.



Select Fiori Application:

Select Application type: SAPUI5 freestyle for ui5 app


select data source/ system / Service as shown:

Select Entity and properties:

Project Attributes:

After creation of project, project structure will looks like:


You can run the application using two options:
A. Preview Application

B. Using Run configuration

A. Preview Application:

B. Run configuration:

Select Project Name and click on Run Configuration:

Click on + button to add configuration to run the app (this step is almost similar in WebIDE).

It will prompt project name which you wish to create run configuration for:

Select index file to run the app locally on browser:


Select the UI5 plugin version to run the app:

Finally select the project name which you wish to run:

Now you can see new configuration under Run Configuration section:

Now still we are not done, we need to connect our data source to this configuration by selecting Bind option on Data Source as shown in above image.

It will ask you to select which destination you wish to connect this run configuration to.

select the destination which we created on CF:

Now if you see data source turned into green on left side and with plugged icon on right side, which means our Run configuration is ready to test on app.

Now click on run icon on Run zprojBAS to launch the app:

It will process the app which can be seen in console.

It is asking to expose and open port 6004 for application usage, click on it:

It will ask you to set description for the above port configured:

It will launch the application on new tab on browser to test app locally:

OR you can right click on project and select option Preview Application:

You can now test the app which you build locally on browser before deploying the app to ABAP system.



      2. Deployment of SAPUI5 application on SAP on-prem system:

Before we deploy the app to ABAP system, let's do a quick check on pre-requisites:

  • See the prerequisites listed in Developing an SAP Fiori Application Based on an SAP S/4HANA System.

  • Make sure that your WebIDEUsage includes dev_abap for deploying to the SAPUI5 ABAP Repository. (For example, your WebIDEUsage includes odata_abap,dev_abap).

  • Make sure to add the HTML5.Timeout= 60000 additional property to your destination.

  • For deploying to SAP S/4HANA on-premise, you need to set up an on-premise destination and the cloud connector. See Cloud Connector.

  • For deploying to SAP S/4HANA on-premise, you should add the sap-client additional property to your destination.

  • For deploying to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you need to set up a destination to an S/4HANA Cloud system with SAML Bearer Assertion authentication. See Using SAML Bearer Assertion Authentication.

  • Target ABAP system must include the SAP_UI 753 SP00 or higher version of the software component.


SAP recommends to use new deployment commands which is why i have removed old commands and updated the latest commands to deploy the app to on-premise SAP server.

Once all the pre-requisites are in place and the application is tested successfully, we are good to go for deployment of application to SAP on-prem system which we configured on cloud connector.

Select the project and click on Terminal and click New Terminal:

Now for the first time we need to run few command:

you may get below message in case your project is missing ui5-deploy.yaml file which contains deployment information like package, Transport etc:

So we need to run
npm run deploy-config

command to generate the ui5-deploy.yaml file:

you need to provide details as below:


You can deploy app using $TMP also in case you do not have package and TR.

Note: TR should be workbench request.


Now we are good to deploy the app using below command:


Once you execute this command, you need to confirm the use of existing ui5-deploy.yaml file to deploy the app--> type Y to proceed:

Now let's test the application from SAP ABAP System where we just deployed the app.

Login to SAP system to test the app.

Open t.code SICF and search for the project name which we use while deployment zprojbas in service name and execute (F8):


Right click on service and click Test:


It will open the application on browser and will ask for your SAP credentials:


You can now configure the application to Fiori Launchpad.



      3. Troubleshooting

Now let's see few troubleshooting which may occurs in deployment of app.

  • Deployment of application fails with 403 error: Failed to deploy Application: <Request failed with status code 403>

-Check error on GW server using t.code: /n/iwfnd/error_log:

    1. No service found for namespace '/UI5/', name 'ABAP_REPOSITORY_SRV', version '0001'

    2. No service found for namespace '/BSNAGT/', name 'FIORI_MONI_SRV', version '0001'

Maintain above oData services on GW server and error will be resolved.


  • Wizard keeps asking for SAP backend credentials While setting OData service from Destination while creation of application:

- Check your cloud connector has same CF account active and in running state,it  is not in running state, please connect and try again.


After going through this post you should be able to develop and deploy SAPUI5/Fiori like application by utilizing OData service from on-premise SAP system using SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) which is next generation of WebIDE.

I hope this post will help you to deploy the ui5/fiori like application to your on-premise SAP system.



Saket Amraotkar

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