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Today I am writing something which many developers are already doing and known, but I didn't find it documented somewhere for the new developer. So like Grandma's recipe, I am writing this because I would really like to document here, so new developers can quickly finish development and concentrate on the required business logic development.


Suppose you are developing in development client, but you have test data in test client, you have no option to test before deployment and cannot test before deploying to the server, it delays and less productive. When we deploy, all files are updated regardless of which were changed. So even if you changed one file, it will update all files which are time-consuming and error-prone.


When you feel that you want to test your work with test data before deployment, select your project and right click. It will show you these below options. Select Run > Run Configurations.

It will show you this below screen:

Add parameters as above. Enter test client number and you can add other parameters as language etc. Now, press 'Save and Run' button. It will run your application in a new tab. It will show you this error dialog. Don't feel that this trick is not working.

Just ignore this dialog. Press 'OK' button to exit from this dialog. Press the Refresh button of your browser. You will feel good and can see test data without deploying in development client. You can use chrome dev tools and debug/test.

I hope this may help who don't have used it before. I hope it might save lots of your time in the purpose of complex implementation involving more controls and lots of controller logic and you could focus on the logic.

Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,

Sanjoy Saha
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