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This webcast took place on Thursday – I will try to not repeat what has already been shown here on SCN so I am skipping some of the slides presented.

Figure 1: Source: APOS

Figure 1 shows the results of the attendee poll

Figure 2: Source: APOS

Figure 2 shows that two-thirds of the attendees expect to use Design Studio – 30% increase from today

Figure 3: Source: APOS

SAP’s Ian Mayor then provided an overview of Design Studio 1.5 features.  He said enhancements to Design Studio are voted on by user groups around the world, and Idea Place

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Figure 4 shows Smart Objects.  Smart Objects assemble dashboards for end user

They allow you to choose components from different dashboards, save them as fragments, and those fragments go into the person’s repository, person creates personalizable dashboards

Smart Objects provide live references back to original dashboards

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Focus 1.6 area is support for non-SAP sources

Row limit for UNX – at least 20K rows, no final number yet

As move beyond, 20K is not enough, looking to remove row limits

The plan is to improve interop with Lumira, go from Lumira to Design Studio – looking at 2016 timeline

SAP plans to redouble commitment to non-SAP sources in 2016

Version 1.6 will support multi-source universes

Design Studio is on a six month cycle

Version 1.6 is planned for November

2016 May and November are planned releases

Figure 6: Source: APOS

Figure 6 shows the APOS add-on using Web Intelligence as a data source to Design Studio and Lumira

Question and Answer

Q: How can we deploy Design Studio to SharePoint and other homegrown apps?

A: If you use platform portal integration kits you can use Design Studio with that and it uses the OpenDoc standard to embed content

You have to keep in mind – output is pure HTML5 app – to render properly you need to make sure it is also HTML5 otherwise strange rendering

Q: Are there widgets/icons for Design Studio?

A: Icon widget could make it to 1.6 (not 100% certain though)

Q: How does Design Studio integrate with BI platform?

A: it is an add-on to BI platform – it releases more often than BI platform

Q: Can we connect to ECC using BAPI’s?

A: You can use the transient providers (eph5/6 and above)

Q: If use databound components is no scripting required?

A: It does eliminate some scripting but some things like exports and hiding does require scripting

Q: Do we have a date for 1.6?

A: Planned for November – can’t give an exact date

Q: Parallelization does not use OLAP cache?

A: Will use it some cases but not optimal for BW

BW on HANA – less of an issue as they run faster

Q: Plans to use Query as a BI web service like XCelsius?

A: no plans in foreseeable future

Consider add-ons like the Data Gateway from APOS

Q: Does Design Studio retire Dashboards?

A: Design Studio is the platform moving forward with – no plans to retire Dashboards/XCelsius but not make plans for new features in those products

If build new applications consider Design Studio


ASUG Webcast for Design Studio 1.6 – register at

Your chance to learn more about SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Meet ASUG TechEd Speaker Mustafa Bensan and learn how to Apply a Fresh Face to Your BI Apps with SAP...

Learn about experiences extending Design Studio and and SAP Lumira using the SDK in ASUG Session BA2...

APOS will be exhibiting at SAP TechEd Las Vegas

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