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This is one of a few face lifts I'll be giving to some old components.  A while back I created a quick and dirty component called 'Progress Bar Set' that I blogged on here:

Design Studio SDK (1.3) - D3 fun making a Progress Bar Set/Bar Chart

That component was OK however it was not data bound and only allowed for 'manual entry' of data in the APS and in BI Action Language.  I've revamped this component and included it in the 'Databound' category for those who would like a more straightforward way to bind the data to this component.  Below is a quick video showing the data binding as well as the new unified Additional Properties sheet on display:

The old 'Prototype' will still be available for manual use cases, but this version will make for a nice data bound use case.

Available shortly for install via SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

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