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Report-to-report (RRI) inside Design Studio. The restriction is that it works only when the details are in the same query.

The getSelection() function reads the UID code and applies this to the filter on the other data source(s). When using another query (jump query) this will have other UID codes and is thus not usable (therefore you'll need to use the RSBBS transaction in the BW system).

Just take a simple query with some extra details.

In this example two crosstabs are used. CROSSTAB_1 (source, with DS_1 as data source) and the CROSSTAB_2 (target, invisible initially, with DS_1RRI as data source).

CROSSTAB_1 properties:

CROSSTAB_1 On Select code:

var a=me.getSelection();

  1. a.forEach(function(value, key) {

         DS_1RRI.setFilter(key, value);



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