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This was an ASUG webcast a few weeks ago given by SAP’s Jie Deng.

Please note the usual disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

I only cover a subset of slides; the rest have been posted before on SCN

Ready-to-run means no coding, deploy on BI platform

Figure 1: Source: SAP

The Generic template shown in Figure 1 is similar to BEx web template; ad-hoc analysis based on BW and HANA data, use context menu to swap axes, filter members, currency conversion, using variable values, to change data in application, use navigation panel, hierarchy support

It helps you do OLAP analysis with HANA or BW

It is not focused on visualizations but slice/dice analysis

It offers calculations, drag and drop

It comes with several context menu options

You can save as a smart object, reusable object

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Line of business or end users can create their own versions or views of apps using the online composition feature

End user does not need IT or knowledge

You can reuse objects via drag and drop to create dashboard and share by e-mail

Figure 3: Source: SAP

End users, Line of Business, can create ad-hoc visualizations based on BW/HANA data – create different visualizations, bring together to compose story

Workflow is similar to Lumira

BW / HANA – online data connection to create ad hoc visualization and create their own stories

It is not supported on Universe as a connection – data connection selection dialog window and it does not support universe as a data source

Create story, export to PDF, save as a bookmark

For the Universe as a data source use basic analysis template

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Layout templates – SAP provides templates, provides layout, then go to Design Studio design time to add data sources and functions

Figure 5: Source: SAP

BW Support as of today (source: SAP):

  • Full support of all BEx queries
  • Includes calculated/restricted measures, structures, all types of variables, special OLAP functions
  • Runtime Currency Conversion
  • Variable merge and unmerge
  • Full hierarchy support, compact axes

We ran out of time and couldn't completely cover this slide

Question & Answer:

Q: When would you use Design Studio Ready-to-Run versus Lumira?

A: Design Studio uses BW online whereas Lumira acquires BW in an offline mode

Q: Can Bookmark folders be created by users via Java scripting outside of CMC?

A: It is possible to do it using the script

Q: Can we refresh this ready to run created applications, for ex, if I want to refresh the data daily

A: It's online- yes you can refresh

Q: Hello. In "Data Dictionary" Layout (Similar to Lumira) do we have all online connections to HANA, SAP BW and BO Universe?

A: Connections to BW/HANA are online in Design Studio; with Lumira it acquires BW data in Offline - could you clarify data dictionary?

Q: Can I install 1.6 BIP add-on on top of 1.4 BIP add-on in BI platform?

A: Yes

Q: My question is I've BI4.1 and we've 1.4 add-on installed there now I want to go to 1.6 BIP add-on, can l install on top of 1.4 design studio add-on or I've to uninstall design studio 1.4 add-on and then again install 1.6 design studio add-on freshly?

A: you can install add-on no need to uninstall 1.4

Q: can we schedule and distribute the design studio dashboard

A: Scheduling is not available as of now

Q: I'm really trying to understand differences between Design Studio and Lumira for BI Self-Service area. Do you have any document for it or webinar?

A: It depends on your use case; if you need BW online data discovery use Design Studio; otherwise use Lumira. Lumira offers blending features too.  See

Q: Correct - I don't see "Prepare" room in Design Studio. Thanks!

A: Exactly - Lumira offers data prep/cleansing, blending/mashups

Q: Any plans to build an "Explorer" template that mimics the behavior of BusinessObjects Explorer (including facets, search, etc.)?

A: visit SAP Analytics Extension Directory

Q: is Design Studio fully ready for Mobile use (iOS, Android etc.)?

A: Yes, use the SAP Mobile BI application and it works with iOS and Android

Q: Any default template based on universe layer?

A: With the universe, use the basic analysis template

Q: OK, any future plan for using with Roambi products? I think it's SAP right now.

A: It is too soon to comment on RoamBI

Q: In the generic analysis template, all navigation options are also available in mobile device?

A: Not things like right click - you cannot right click on iOS devices

Q: Do you have any comparison sheet between Design Studio and Tableau to show how one is better than other?

A: Only with Lumira

Q: What browser is recommended for Design Studio - Chrome or IE?

A: Check the SAP PAM for browser support -

Q: Can you explain the bookmark functionality? Is it a quick save or will it create another report, similar to a Save As?

A: Please see this blog:

Q: Which template had the "spreadsheet view" inside the crosstab? Is this for 1.6?

A: Planning templates have the spreadsheet and yes it is in 1.6

Q: Will the template functionality be available for Universe data source in future? If so when?

A: Generic Analysis template focuses on slice-dice OALP analysis. So it makes no sense to make the generic analysis template available for UNX Data Source.

Similar scenarios as online Composition Templates/data Discovery Templates for UNX data source are planned to be available with the next releases (unfortunately I can’t give the fixed timeline for now)

Q: In the planning application when she changed the planned data and refreshed did she say it changed the data in the backend? How is that process?

A: Once user clicks on the save button, then the system has done a commit in the backend and the data is saved in BW.

This works only for an input-ready query in BW backend.

Q: Any plans on enhancing the export to excel functionality for crosstabs, specifically crosstabs that contain hierarchies? Some of the hierarchical structure is lost when exporting to excel. It would be nice to have something similar to Analysis for Office

A: With release 1.6 SP1Patch1 (to be delivered in CW 9, 2016)) it is possible to export the crosstab with hierarchies into Excel. Within Excel you are able to open or close the hierarchy.


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