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I´m a big fan of the new SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio with the very powerful scripting functionalities. On the other side I like the very excellent and usual visualization possibilities of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

For this purpose I have combined in an example Application the Design Studio components and the scripting logic with a typical Xcelsius Background component. :smile:  

Design Studio Application in design mode

Design Studio Application in run time mode

Very Easy step by step guide :smile:

1.) Add a Xcelsius Background Component of your choice

2.) Change the Background Color of the Background component of your choice

3.) Set the RGB Model of your choice

4.) Execute the .xlf File in Preview mode, make a screenshot of the backkground and save it as a Image file to use it in Design Studio

5.) Add a Image Component in your Design Studio Application

6.) Added standard "white" Image Component

7.) Load the saved Image Background file from Repository Folder

7.) Usable background component (Xcelsius syle) within the Design Studio Application (e.g. to use quadrants in Design Studio Dashboards)

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