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Hi All

Here, I am sharing the list of issues and solutions which is related to design studio

1) Issue: Failed to create java virtual machine error, while launching the design studio application 

Reason: Not having enough memory to accommodate the java virtual machine

Resolution:  We have to reduce the memory size.

Steps: C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio

In the above path, we will have one configuration settings (css) file. We need to change the maximum heap size (Xmx) from 1024m to 512m

2) Issue: Not able to view the design studio application file in Mobile device

Reason: The developed application (report) is not tagged to Mobile category

Resolution:  We have to tag the application to Mobile Category

Steps: First we have to create category for Mobile in CMC

(Login to CMC --> Click Categories --> Right Click Categories --> New --> Category --> Type the Category name --> Click Ok) 

After that, Open BI Launch pad and then tag the application to Mobile category

(Select the application --> Right click --> Categories --> Corporate Categories --> Select Mobile --> Click Ok)



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