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Last week I did a simplified version of background processing at How to set up Background Processing in Design Studio

Today using SAP's Learning Hub (see Getting access & accessing SAP Learning Hub #SAPEducation ) I am using global script variables with background processing in Design Studio against an ECC data source (see How to Connect Design Studio with your ECC System )

Step 1: One data source script loading is set to false (loads immediately) while the other data source loads in the background (set to false):

In my example the cross tab loads immediately while the chart loads in the background.

Step 2: Define Global Script Variable as a counter

Step 3: On Startup Event insert code for doing the background processing:

I also set the showing the loading state for the chart while it is loading

Step 4: Script for event "On Background Processing":

This is how it looks design time:

Cross tab loads immediately, the chart loads in the background.

See how it loads below:


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