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SAP's Jie Deng covered this part of the webcast.  See Design Studio Best Practices Scripting - ASUG Webcast Part 4  Design Studio Best Practices Design Experience - ASUG Webcast Part 3  CSS Design Studio Best Practices ASUG Webcast Part 2 andDesign Studio Best Practices Webcast – Platform Specifics– ASUG Webcast, Part 1

Note the usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows that you need to set data source as input-ready

You do not lock other user to read the data

You set the planning connection systems to change the data sources

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Crosstab, click on rows, and click into other app, and Design Studio keeps row focus

Note the last bullet in Figure 2 regarding the ability to scroll dimensions


Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 recommends this blog by dirk.mayrock

Internationalize DesignStudio Applications by reusing RSBEXTEXTS table from BEx WAD

See the note on the right of Figure 3 that multi language support is planned for 1.4 SP1.

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Release 1.4 will have this drill down via context menu.  See another blog by DirkEnable "Drill" navigation behaviour like in WebI

Video by Dirk:

Figure 5: Source: SAP

If you don’t want to bookmark something, you have to close the part you don’t want to bookmark

Release 1.4 will allow you to save only a part that you want to bookmark, not just snapshot


SAP provided the following information regarding performance:

Performance Measurement

Design Studio Tips and Tricks: Measuring Performance

Tips & Tricks for Improving Performance of Design Studio Applications

Optimize the performance of your SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio solutions – tips and tricks

Note 2057243 : -> Static Mimes Loading - Changed for Better Client Cache (in 1.3 SP1)

Document: New Event Triggers

DS 1.2 - New Event Triggers

SAP UI5 Icon Explorer:

Icon Explorer


SDK Samples + Templates

SDK E-Learning

SAP UI5 Controls

SDK Examples from mike.howles4

Design Studio 1.2/1.3 SDK - Design Studio Utility Pack


Design Studio 1.3 - Making Adhoc Analysis Template, Images, and CSS Work


2012549 - Conditional formatting property issue within a chart when show scaling factors property is set to true
2017146 - Java Script Error when tab Strip
2020508 - Prompt Screen - Last variable not reachable
2012082 - Conditional Formatting is based on dimension/measure description rather than UID
2010734 - Conditional formatting property will not work within a chart when show scaling factors property is set to true
2019759 - Conditional formatting & scaling factor

1773751 – Support note for client


Documentation: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.3 SP01 – SAP Help Portal Page

Product Tutorials: Official Product Tutorials – SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.x

YouTube Design Studio Playlist SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Tutorials - YouTube

SCN Page: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Official Product Roadmap:

Question & Answer

Q: Is there any way to filter on measures?  We need this option badly.

A: Do you mean at runtime? in Crosstab? No, currently we don't have‑

A: you can implement via scripting‑


Q: Is date prompt allowed in Design Studio application?

A: yes‑


Q: Another question, I see the tutorial on how to use the Ad-Hoc template. Is there a tutorial on how to use the template for KPI initial screen and the KPI detail screen?

A: Search for this on


Q: Is there any possibility of getting RRI(RSBBS) functionality in upcoming DS1.4 release ?

like Design studio from(jump) to Analysis Excel/OLAP/etc !

Can we also use BW-BADI's while passing some parameters values via RRI.

A: RRI is in the roadmap for 1.4 and please ask more details re 1.4 in next week's webcast‑


Q: Fragment bookmark will work only with Panel or as well with other cintainer components like Grid Layout and Tabstrip etc..?

A: Fragment bookmark - only a part of the application‑


Q: on setDataSelection() can I also get based on navigational attributes ?

A: No, not for chart selection - only for dimensions in initial view‑


Q: If I have multiple planning sequences/planning functions, how do I execute all of them at once ? is there any global event to perform !

A: Planning function/event - trigger - build a button and put all planning functions together‑


Q: All of the other BOBJ client tools are very easy.  There is not a high degree of ramp up to start using them.  This tool however is exponentially more difficult and requires a whole new unique set of skills.  Are there plans to make this more drag and drop

A: Some drag and drop is coming in 1.4 - join ASUG next week for the webcast‑


Q: How do I share my customized personalized variable settings with other users/developers ?

A: Currently not possible (variants); today bookmark with variable values and share. 1.4 bookmark a part of app and then share with colleagues


Q: Does DS1.3 support display attributes of BEX queries? Is there a way to convert the existing BW bookmarks to DS bookmarks?

A: Crosstab you can see the attributes but not in chart. Look to add to chart in 1.5.  Can't convert bookmarks


Q: Are we planning to have certification for Design Studio ?

A: Not right now


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Join SAP at the end of October for Reporting & Analytics 2014 INTERACTIVE conference - register here

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