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While you can use the BI Action Language (BIAL) in Design Studio to simulate a toolbar, and even play with toggling of states and repositioning hidden buttons, it is a lot of overhead and math to do things like compute margins, etc.  Also, I prefer to have all my click events in one place and not buried in many different buttons.  (Some may prefer the other way, admittedly.)  I wanted to see if I could implement the SAPUI5 Toolbar component with any success.  My main goals were to have a horizontally arranged stack of buttons with the ability to programmatically (as well as one can today using the DS script window) set some properties for the buttons such as enabled, visible, icon, text, and tooltip.  These properties can mostly be done using the script window with the standard buttons, however it's painful when you must reposition them or dynamically switch visibility to simulate toggle buttons, etc.  In a later post, I'll probably implement a true toggle button, but maybe someone may find this toolbar interesting.

Source: entmike/ · GitHub

Example Script Window for the OnClick event using Toolbar:

Example interactivity at runtime (Click Image for Animated GIF).

Happy New Year.

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