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Intention behind the document to provide detailed level of solution/design for any requirement which I've faced in my experience. Please let me know any of the requirements and I will append & provide different kind of solutions for any requirement.

Requirement 1

Client requires to maintain different TARGET values in BOBJ, Webi Reports.

Sample report:

Sales Employee

Company Code



Actual amount

Target Amount

% accomplished






















There may be different requirements which client can request for the "Target Amount input".

Scenario 1:

Client may ask to maintain these values in a table and display them in report when he runs the report.

The above requirement is the simplest one where we have to maintain a table in Source system (ECC). I've mentioned ECC system because, maintenance in SAP BI is not recommendable.

Once it is maintained and data is created then this table can be used accordingly to show target amounts in the report.

Scenario 2:

Requirement for client may be to input the target amount in the Webi report at run time.

We can provide solution for this requirement with the option in Webi to capture user's input from prompt screen and maintain user's values in 'Target Amount' column.

We can also do some calculations to this values.

1. Create a report on a cube.

2. Create a webi report on the BeX report through BICS.

3. Create a prompt names "Target Amount".

4. Use "@Prompt" function in Webi to capture the user input in "Target Amount" parameter.

5. Display the values in the column or can used in any calculations, too.

Scenario 3:

In this requirement, client may be looking for input of 'Target Amount' after Webi report is ran and store those values into BW cube.

This requirement is toughest one to achieve. We need to make use of the planning cube (real-time cube) functionality. Generally these cubes are used in integrated planning or BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation). Now, based on the same we use this in our scenario.

1. Create a Planning cube (Real-time cube) with the dimensions and key figures as per the requirement.

2. Create a report on this planning cube (I meant this as planning cube because it's opt for it's purpose).

3. Create a html or .net or Java website to generate the BeX report in that website.

4. Based on the JAVA API's for BI we can retrieve the data into SAP BI and write into cubes. Java API: "java.sql.ResultSet" or " ".

Please find the below links for more information on JAVA API's.

BI Java Connector - Interfaces - SAP Library

Requirement 2

Client requirement is show "MT (Metric Ton)" in the place of "TON" in BeX report.

To get this requirement done, please follow the below steps.

1. Go to RSA1-->search for "0Unit". Double click on the 0Unit.

2. Look for the table and look for the values "MT" and to which text it is assigned.

3. Check whether "MT" is assigned to which kind of text like Short Text or Medium Text or Long Text.

Scenario 1:

     If client requirement is to change this setting for a particular report then go to BeX Query Designer-->open the query and select the "0Unit" object and in properties change the text displayed to "LONG TEXT".

4. Save the query and re-run then the issue solved.

Scenario 2:

     If client requires to display this setting to whole of this reports then go to RSA1-->search for "0Unit" object and right click and edit.

4. Look for Business Explorer in general tab and change BeX description to "Long text".

5. Save and re-run the report.

This document is iterative and would be updated based on new requirements and scenarios.

Kindly let me know your valuable feedback and new requirements.

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