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SAP Fiori design language gives users a consistent and complete user experience in all SAP software across web and mobile platforms. SAP Fiori for Android connects the strengths of the Fiori user interface and Google’s Material Design concepts to deliver the most intuitive and delightful enterprise applications.

What is Google Material Design?

Material Design is an Android visual language that creates a more realistic, human interaction by combining good design with technology and science innovations. Material Design employs the qualities of our world and the textures it includes. The user experience is more effective and realistic by using concepts like layering, lighting, and animation. See Material Design for more details.

Getting Started with SAP Fiori for Android

It’s easy to learn more about the new SAP Fiori for Android in just a few steps.

Get familiar with SAP Fiori for Android Design Language concepts

SAP Fiori for Android combines a wide variety of design foundations, components, and patterns to create the most harmonious experience for users. Take a look at the SAP Fiori for Android Design Guidelines to learn how you can design your own applications.

SAP Fiori for Android design

Download the Sketch stencils and start designing your mobile app

SAP Fiori for Android stencils make it even more simple for you to create apps for mobile and tablet. Just download the SAP Fiori for Android design stencils for Sketch and you can quickly be on your way. You can also download icons and fonts for Sketch to start designing your own SAP Fiori for Android app. It’s that easy.

SAP Fiori for Android stencils

Jump-start development with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android includes native libraries and development tools for creating your own Android apps that use SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services with Android Studio. Download the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android to start developing awesome native Android apps with the greatest of ease.

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK is designed to increase developer productivity and efficiency. The SDK generates a completely functional, running project with connectivity to mobile services and object-oriented proxy classes around OData services. It also taps into SAP Cloud platform services such as offline, push, authentication, and more.

Take a look at the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Demo on YouTube.


If you found this blog interesting, be sure to read more about how SAP Fiori for Android delivers an exceptional user experience.
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