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I am writing this blog as we faced multiple issues while deploying JDBC driver in our PI system through SUM and finally NWDS made it easy. I hope it will be useful for others as well.

Our requirement was to connect our PI system to SQL 2012 DB used for staging tables. Major steps involved in this are- Downloading JDBC driver from Microsoft site, Bundling SCA file and Deploying through NWDS.

1. Download sqljdbc4.jar from Microsoft.

2. Download  SAPXI3RDPARTY07_0-10008107.SCA  (SCA file for NW 7.3) from SAP  service market place, depending on your PI system version.

TIP : Use ‘Search for Software’ in Support packages and patches.

3. Rename SAPXI3RDPARTY07_0-10008107.SCA to

4. Open with winzip

Double click on DEPLOYARCHIVES folder.

Double click on and again open with winzip.

Click on lib and then Add

Add sqljdbc4.jar downloaded from Microsoft site

Click on OK

Now click on server

Right click on  provider.xml and edit

Add the sqljdbc4 jar entry in provider.xml as per screen shot.

Save this file and close Winzip(where you have opened, it will ask to save changes made. Click on YES and then OK.

5. Rename to SAPXI3RDPARTY07_0-10008107.SCA

6. Now open NWDS.

Click on window and click on preference.

Click on SAP java and click on Add

Add SAP PI system by providing below details-

Click OK.

It may take 1 to 5 minutes for adding system in NWDS, it will asks for administrator user and password. Once added close Preferences window.

Now Click on Windows and open Perspective and Other.

Select deployment and click on OK.

Click on import.

Select File System and click on Finish.

Select SCA file which we created and click on Open.

7. Select File and click on Start

Once imported successfully, it will give Import successful message.


You may face below error or issues while deploying sca file through NWDS.

1. While adding PI system in NWDS, it is asking for operating system user and password

- Refer SAP Note#1834579 and make changes accordingly.

2. Got error as JVM vendor is not supported.

- You can ignore this error or Install JDK 1.6 patch 26 or above. If you install it then restart NWDS and select javaw.exe from proper path.

3. If you are using Windows 7 64bit and get error ‘JVM terminated. Exit code =-1’ on starting NWDS, as below-

- Refer SAP note#1566977 - NWDS on Windows 7 – Solution is to install 32bit JDK.

4. Deployment failed with error : [ERROR CODE DPL.DCAPI.1031] AllItemsAlreadyDeployedValidationException. Reason: ASJ.dpl_dc.003456 All batch items are marked as AlreadyDeployed because of Version check.

- In NWDS before starting deployment of file, click on Settings and change below setting, it is for force deployment which we use while deploying through Telnet/SUM.

Important SAP notes and KBA on this topic-

SAP KBA 1829286 - PI: How to check which drivers are installed for the JMS and JDBC Adapters

SAP KBA 1770206 PI: How to extract the archive for deploying 3rd party drivers

SAP KBA 1770304 PI: How to prepare the for deployment

SAP KBA 1770384 Cannot deploy the archive to PI

SAP KBA 1816456 PI: Deploying new JMS/JDBC drivers overwrites existing deployed drivers

SAP note 1138877 How to Deploy External Drivers JDBC/JMS Adapters

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