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How to Deploy JMS driver to PI Server

For any scenario connecting PI to JMS server, we need to deploy the jms drivers to the server.

Follow the below steps and get it done


Prepare the JMS provider file as follows:

1. Copy the external drivers from the provider directory to a separate directory.

2. Add the files to the lib directory of the archive with the help of a zip program.

This file is available at directory:

DATA_UNITS\JAVA_J2EE_OSINDEP_J2EE_INST on the SAP NetWeaver 7.10 PI Java installation DVD.

Or on the server at:

Drive:\PIInst\nw7.0widEHP1 Java based sw comp\DATA_UNITS\JAVA_J2EE_OSINDEP_J2EE_INST

Open this SDA file with winrar:

than add the jms jar files in the lib folder.

3. Then to modify the provider.xml file in the server directory of the archive, proceed as follows:

  # Extract provider.xml using a zip program and edit it as follows:

          a. For each external driver file that needs to be bundled in, add the line <jar-name>lib/driver-jar</jar-name> in the <jars> section.





          b. Return the changed provider.xml to the archive.

Make sure that the original directory server is retained under Path in the zip archive.


4. Use the JSPM tool to deploy

          a. Put the edited in the JSPM inbox. At this location Drive:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in

          b. Run JSPM by clicking on go.bat file at this location: Drive:\usr\sap\XD1\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\JSPM

          c. Enter user name and password for J2EE_admin

          d. Select 'HotFixes' option as the package type.

          e. Select the current version of the file.

          f. Click start and continue with steps on screen.

          g. In sometime, we get the confirmation for the deployment.

          h.  Restart AS Java. JMS driver has been installed successfully.

General Error

1. Unable to find the sda file in the hot fixes


This behavior is by design. Normally users want to update their system to a newer version. JSPM filters the inbox directory content and shows only updates applicable to this system. Still in some special cases you may need to redeploy an SCA with the same version.


If you want to redeploy an SCA with the same version and all contained SDAs regardless of their versions,

start JSPM with this command line:

go -config=/jspm/forceMode=true -config=/jspm/deployVersionRule=updateAll

and if want to deploy from higher to lower version than use command

go -config=/jspm/forceMode=true -config=/jspm/deployVersionRule=updateLowerOnly

2. Dependency Validation error


This error is because of service packages version. PI server doesn't have the update service pack deployed which is causing dependency error for the hotfixes.


Deploy the latest service pack on the PI server.



7.1+ JSPM is replaced by SUM


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