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In this blog post, we will explore step-by-step instructions to deploy a Fiori application from VS Code to SAP On premise System. 


  • Visual Studio Code 

  • ABAP Server 

  • Fiori Application 

  • Node installed 


To develop Fiori application in VS Code, install SAP Fiori Tools - Extension Pack in extensions 

To create a new project, open command palette

and run > Fiori open application generator

Choose template from template wizard. In this example I choose freestyle application. 

Give the data source as none (here I am not using any OData service). 

Provide the View name

Give the module name is nothing but project name and fill the required fields. 

Project will be created 

Run the by right click on the project and click on Preview Application or give the command npm run start-noflp in the integrated Terminal  

This is the output  

Then right click on the project and click on open in integrated Terminal 

Give the command  npm install -g @Sap/generator-fiori

then give the command npm run deploy-config and provide the below information 

Select Target system: Provide URL to which system you are going to deploy(http://host:port)

Enter client: give the client number  

SAPUI5 ABAP Repository: Provide the application name and with the same name can be seen

after successful deploying an application in ABAP Repository SE80 in BSP application. 

Deployment description: Give the app Description   

Package: Give any package that you have maintained in your ABAP Repository Or else $TMP 

Transport Request: Create the TR in SE09 and provide here  

After configuring all the details then give the command npm run deploy and re-check the details

that you have maintained above. 

Here we can see Deployment successful.

Application successfully deployed into ABAP repository, go to SE80 and check in BSP Application

for your deployed application. 

To run the BSP application in ABAP system by following steps: 

Go to ABAP system give t-code SICF and give the BSP name in Service Name then click on


Right click on the below service and click on Test Services 


This is the output for deployed application. 


Arun Kumar Reddy.

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