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Hi All,

This blog will give a quick overview of how to deploy an XPI inspector in sap PO using NWDS 7.5.

I have used sap PO 7.5 single stack to deploy xpi_inspector

We can deploy xpi_inspector in sap PO using different methods.


  • Using Telnet

Reference to SAP note 1934940 - "PI: How to Deploy the XPI Inspector Tool using TELNET".

  • Using NWDS 7.5 

Follow this blog for step by step explanation.


Step 1

Download .ear file into your local system. Using below link

Note: Get the latest file. I have downloaded the File with the name "xpi_inspector_v7_1.ear"


Step 2

Install NWDS and open.

You can follow below link to install NWDS:

Navigate:  Window --->Preferences --->SAP AS Java---> Add




Host = SAP PO hostname without port and https.

Instance No: 00

Domain = default

Note: If you have https in URL select use https. After adding it will add one entry in nwds like in my example PO1.



Navigate:  Window --->Preferences --->SAP AS Java ---> Add


  • Window ---> Prospective ---> Open Prospective ---> Other ---> Double click in Deployment

  • Window ---> show view ---> Other ---> Deployment Job



Click Import.


It will redirect you to your local desktop navigate the file location you have downloaded in the previous step. and upload the .rar file.



Step 4

Now click on start and it will start deploying:

You can see this at the bottom right


Once it will finish you can access the xpi_Inspector using below URL:



You will get below screen:


Hope this will helpful !



By following this blog you will be able to deploy xpi_inspector into SAP PO using NWDS 7.5. After Deployment; You can use xpi_inspector in SAP PO to debug trace in detail.



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