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Hi All,

Sometimes happend that you're going to patch the system, or deploying an upgrade... and something critical goes wrong.

You would like to re-deploy the package again, but the system cannot be started again, and neither the JSPM works... so...

This is an alternative way to deploy packages on a SAP system, rather using the JSPM tool:

  1. Loging in to Telnet Administrator from your SAP system on OS level (with your <sidadm> user)
    1. Command: telnet localhost 5<SystNumber>08
    2. Login with your <j2ee_admin> user

  1. Create a file "deploylist.txt" on your file system and on separate lines enter the full path anf file name of the package which you wish to deploy: SERVERCORE, ENGINEAPI, BASETABLES, J2EEAPPS, J2EEFRMW, etc...
    1. Example:     /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in/
  2. Run Command:deploy list=\<path>\deploylist.txt version_rule=all
  3. System should start the deployment (Java Stack will be rebooted)
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