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In this blog post, I will be going through the set of tasks required to deploy the Business Process Project and demonstrate how to test this automation.

Getting started with SAP Process Automation

Part 1 – Subscribing to SAP Process Automation and understanding the components

Part 2 – Creating your first Business Process Project and configuring Trigger Forms

Part 3 - Adding Process Controls & Approval Form

Part 4 - Creating Data Types & Decisions

Part 5- Create and Configure Automation

Part 6- Deploy Business Process Project

Part 7- Configure Process Visibility Dashboard & Integration with Fiori Launchpad

Once all the configurations have been completed, click on the "Release" button in the process builder.

Select the version details and add a comment to keep track of your changes. Click on "Release" button.

The screen would refresh and now show a Deploy option. Click on the "Deploy" button.

In the "Deploy a Project" popup, select "x No trigger creation" and click on "confirm" and select "Deploy".

Once the status has changed to deployed, navigate to process builder and select the Start Form which will be used to trigger this automation. Notice that the Form link is available.

Copy this link and open it in a new browser tab. You will see the Start Form which can be submitted

Navigate to the "My Inbox" located within SAP Process Automation.

Approve the request as an immediate Line Manager. The request has come in as it exceeds the 300 hours condition which was defined in the automation.

Refresh the inbox and you will see another request come in for approval as a Department Manager for Sustainability

On approving this request, the automation will end with an email which goes out to the employee who raised this project request.

In the next blog post, lets explore the Process Dashboard which comes along with SAP Process Automation. I will also walk through the configuration to bring all the relevant applications like Inbox, Start Forms etc in a central Fiori Launchpad
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