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In the fast-paced world of SAP development, buzzwords can often create confusion and uncertainty. Among these buzzwords, SAP BTP - ABAP Environment, Steampunk, ABAP Cloud, and Embedded Steampunk have emerged, leaving developers searching for clarity. In this SAP SCN blog post, we aim to demystify these concepts, providing a clear understanding of SAP BTP - ABAP Environment, Steampunk, ABAP Cloud, and Embedded Steampunk, and their significance in the SAP development landscape.

While this blog post does not delve into CAP (Cloud Application Programming), it is essential to take a brief look at its history in order to better understand the buzzwords surrounding SAP development.

CAP (Cloud Application Programming)

To remain competitive in the Cloud race, SAP brought in SAP CAP (Cloud Application Programming Model) - A framework that simplifies the development of scalable, cloud-native applications. The runtime environment of SAP CAP is based on Node.js and leverages the Node.js runtime to execute the applications developed using the Cloud Application Programming Model. The primary programming language used in SAP CAP is JavaScript. Developers utilize JavaScript to define the business logic, data models, and application behavior within the Cloud Application Programming Model framework.

So, all going well. SAP has a Cloud Application Programming Model. 🙂

But there was a challenge to utilize the existing ABAP skills. So.....

SAP BTP ABAP Environment was launched - to provide ABAP developers with a cloud-based development environment that allows them to leverage their existing ABAP skills while taking advantage of the scalability, agility, and reduced infrastructure management offered by the cloud. This enables developers to build and deploy ABAP-based applications more efficiently and effectively in the modern era of cloud computing.

SAP BTP - ABAP Environment

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a comprehensive platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering from SAP. Within this platform, the SAP BTP ABAP Environment provides a cloud-based development environment specifically tailored for ABAP developers.

It empowers developers to leverage their ABAP skills and tools, harnessing the advantages offered by the cloud environment to build and deploy applications effectively.


Up to this point, the situation seems relatively straightforward. If you have a background in ABAP, the most convenient choice for upgrading would be SAP BTP - ABAP Environment.

Until 2022, many developers would have pursued this learning path, relying on SAP BTP - ABAP as the preferred option. However, with the introduction of Embedded Steampunk, SAP added a few more technical terms that developers need to decipher and understand.

Taking a closer look at the diagram, we now understand that Steampunk is SAP BTP ABAP environment). Now ABAPers can leverage and develop application which is Cloud Ready and in line with SAP Clean Core. Steampunk runs on SAP BTP and provides side-by-side extension option to the core ERP system.

Properties of Steampunk (aka SAP BTP ABAP Environment)

  • ABAP Restful Application Programming Model (RAP) & new version of ABAP.

  • An environment for cloud development.


What is Embedded Steampunk? What was the need?

While extending the SAP core, side-by-side extension is beneficial for many scenarios, but it may not be suitable for all cases.

Consider situations where custom code needs to run closely with the application being extended to avoid extensive data replication or maintain the same logical unit of work (database LUW). Adopting the on-prem extension style is not a viable choice as it is not cloud-ready or upgrade-stable.

So Embedded Steampunk 🙂

Internally, SAP BTP - ABAP and embedded Steampunk share the same ABAP Platform code line. It just embedded the Steampunk development model directly into S/4 HANA. Custom extensions developed with Embedded Steampunk now have the same properties that made Steampunk Cloud-ready and upgrade-stable.

Developing extensions with Embedded Steampunk using ADT (ABAP Development Tools) feels exactly like developing with Steampunk on BTP.

Great...isn't it??

This has been available with S/4 HANA 2022 for on-premises & cloud versions.


If this clears some air around the Buzz words, it time to get our hand dirty. Let's unleash the power of Embedded Steampunk.

Happy Learning...Together. 🙂
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