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A real-time job is created in the Designer and then configured in the Administrator as a real-time service associated with an Access Server into the management console..

This Demo will briefly explain the management console setting ..

We can execute the Real time job from any third party tool. let us use SOAPUI(third party tool) to demonstrate our Real time job.

Below is the screenshot of Batch Job used to create a sample table in the database(First Dataflow) and create the XML target file(second Dataflow). The XML Target file(Created in the second Dataflow) can be used to create the XML MESSAGE SOURCE in the real time job.

Below is the screenshot transformation logic of dataflow(DF_REAL_Data)

Below is the screenshot transformation logic of dataflow(DF_XML_STRUCTURE)

Below is the screenshot transformation logic of Query Transform "Query" used in DF_XML_STRUCTURE

Below is the screenshot transformation logic of Query Transform "Query" used in DF_XML_STRUCTURE

In the Below second query transform to nest the data. Select the complete Query from schema IN and import under the Query of schema out

Creation of the XML schema from the Local Object Library

Go to the Second Query again and make the Query name same as in the XML schema(Query_nt_1).

Note: If we do not change the Query name it give a ERROR

In the Below Image the Query name is rename the same name what its displayed in the XML schema

The Below image show the creation of the Real time job.

To Test and Validate the job

In the Demo, The End user pass the EMP_ID(1.000000) using the third party tool which triggers the Real-time job taking the input as XML MESSAGE SOURCE and obtains other details from the database table based on the EMP_ID Value to the End user in XML MESSAGE TARGET..

  Below is the output of XML file ..


1. Run the SoapUI tool

2. Create the project  browser the WSDL file.

3. Under project Real-time servicescheck the project namesend the request.

4. Request Window will open now enter the search string in it.

5. Finally the record will come

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