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Demo On Configuring Graylog input and get messages:

  By using Graylog we can get the whole information(logging information,indexing, collecting information).

If we are not sending any data (application data, JSON data ...etc ) to the Graylog, then we need to configure the input , then this input will tell to Graylog to accept the log messages.

Configuring the Graylog input:

1.Launch the Graylog home page by using URLs.

2.Enter the valid Username and Password, then the page will be navigated to the Graylog console page.


3.The Graylog console page

Note: When we first time launch the Graylog Console , graylog didn't show the Histogram,Messages.

    4.To configure the input in Graylog, click System->Inputs

   Note: First time when we launch the Graylog there is no Global inputs and Local inputs exist.

5.Then Select the Syslog UDP and click on  Launch New Input button.

6.Give Title(Ex:Demo Syslog UDP), Bind Address(Local IP Address or Remote IP Address ) and Port as 5140, then click on the Launch button which is located at bottom right of the “Launch new input” pop-up.

  7.Check If you have Messages:

then you should see the Syslog UDP input appear on the Graylog console.

8.Click on the Show received messages button, then you should find the below screen.

That's it for this demo on Configuring Graylog input and get messages.

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