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Data is arriving in volume, with velocity, and of variety far greater than ever experienced. The gains surrounding data analytics are far reaching, from competitive advantage and growing topline revenue to saving lives and preventing fraud. Yet these transformational goals can also require compute capabilities than stress traditional approaches.

As the market leader of greater than 8-Socket single node x86 systems, SGI is now leveraging our decades of experience in solving the world's most difficult technical computing problems using coherent shared memory systems to the enterprise with the delivery of purpose-built solutions for SAP HANA.  The UV 300 for SAP HANA is a family of products that can seamlessly scale from 8 to 32 sockets and deliver up to 24TB of memory in a single node configuration optimized for HANA performance.  

Attendees of this session will learn the following:

• How SGI scales x86 to deliver the simplicity and performance of single node HANA solutions that can meet the needs of the most challenging and complex customer environments.

• How to deploy High Availability SAP HANA simply, at massive scale and without the complexity of a SAN. 

• How SGI can enable seamless growth from 8-32 sockets without adding complexity or escalating cost per TB

Speaker: Brian Freed, VP Strategy & UV for SAP HANA, SGI

Time: June 4 4.40pm-5.10pm

Where: SUSE Booth (#1108)

SUSE at SAP Sapphire 2014

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