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Each and every SAP project is a serious transformation which needs to be managed precisely. However this reality not everytime known and accepted by both parties.

Most of the companies are performing 80% of the common business processes, if they are declaring that they are shaping the industry of their own. The success and magic is hidden in the remaining 20%.

If you are assigned as a Project / Programme Manager of an SAP ERP implementation, please keep in mind that you have to transform 80% of the processes, this means unify the processes with the industry standards and make the enterprise run more efficient and agile. You need to convince all the business owners that SAP will run smoothly and will leverage success.

Remaining 20% should be handled very much carefully, because this part makes the enterprise/company unique in the industry. This part needs to be well observed and SAP should be enhanced in an engineered way. ( Engineered SAP )

Finally the key success point is to identify the processes correctly into two major sections: parts that will be transformed ( 80%) and  parts will be adapted by enhancing SAP.

Otherwise SAP will be a nightmare for any enterprise even if you release the best resources.

This is managing the metamorphosis, which I have learned after 19 years of SAP.



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