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In this blog post I would like to summarize our webinar from July 25, 2013 and point you to the SAP HANA Cloud Portal material related to the webinar topic - Deliver Actionable Information to Executives with SAP HANA Cloud Portal

To recap the key takeaways:

  1. SAP HANA Cloud Portal is flexible and allows for easy configuration and design of your sites
  2. With SAP HANA Cloud Portal, on-premise analytics can be securely available on the cloud and accessed by multiple devices
  3. With SAP HANA Cloud Portal, your  executive dashboard, will be live quickly

You can find below answers for all the questions raised during the webinar:

Q: In average how much time does it take to a company from the beginning (Sign up Developer Licence) to the end (Publish in the Cloud)? ... Can you talk about the learning curve?

A: Signing up and acquiring a development license takes a few minutes. Go to to get your free trial. Development of your first "Hello World" application is also easy: download the cloud SDK, download eclipse and create an application project with "Hello World" in the index.html page and publish it to the cloud. For full information go to

With good knowledge of Java, HTML and Javascript you can start using the SAP UI5 libraries in a productive way within days.

Q: Can I set my own private HANA Cloud Portal?

A: The HANA Cloud Portal authoring environment is secured and will be accessed by the portal admin only. Sites created in this environment can be private or public.

Q: How do you handle authentication between cloud and on premise.....does the cloud connector now support SAML 2.0

A: SAP HANA Cloud identity service supports standards-based authentication and  single sign-on (SSO).

Q: Are the mobile device simulators part of the Hana Cloud tool kit?

A: Hana Cloud Portal includes mobile device simulators. When the site is built, you can simulate it on a tablet in portrait or landscape mode. Smartphone simulator is coming soon.

Q: Are there any restriction of EP portal version to build Cloud portal (currently in my company we have EP 7.0 sp15)?

A: HANA Cloud Portal is not based on Netweaver Enterprise Portal. Its a new cloud based product, does not require installation or upgrades and does not require Netweaver Enterprise Portal.

Q: What are the license condition for a SAP HANA Cloud Portal? I had heard that cloud portal was charged based on number of hits on the site?

A: Pricing of cloud portal is comprised of two items: Site Admins and Site Visits. In cases were only the cloud portal is required the purchase is applied to the portal which includes mandatory platform sources such as bandwidth, storage etc. For further details on pricing please contact Yariv Zur -

Q: What does HANA cloud look like from the Executive point of view? How does the Executive sort through multiple reports and find the one that is relevant at any given date?

A: In the webinar we showed how reports can be added as open social widgets to a HANA Cloud Portal library. Reports can be given a category that is searchable and using that capability can classify the various reports. When sorting through the content library this category can be used to find the desired reports. We also showed the possibility of adding a timeline widget that can act as a global filter that acts on all the charts in the dashboard at once, thus allowing the executive to see information relevant for a specific date or time range.

Q: Can this be used for B2C portals or just sites where you logon

A: A HANA Cloud Portal site can be completely (all pages) public, completely private (only invited users will be able to access it), or a mix. A site can include few public pages with information for everyone and a logon widget that will appear at the header for example, and will open the rest of the pages of the site based on credentials.

Q: Can HANA cloud pull data right from SAP ECC Or do you need other tools?

A: HANA Cloud platform includes API that can be used to securely retrieve data from ECC. The secure cloud connector needs to be deployed at the  ECC landscape.

Q: Is the Hana Cloud provided by Amazon Web Services?

A: HANA Cloud Portal is deployed in the HANA Cloud Platform.

Q: How many days is the free trial?

A: The free trial can be used for unlimited time.

Get your own  FREE TRIAL account here:

Also, check out -

Cloud Portal official website:

Cloud Portal Community:

Development related inforamtion:


Thanks for joining this webinar which concluded our series "Meet HANA Cloud Portal".

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