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Flexibility, agility, and speed have become imperatives to modern business transformation. In recent years, many organizations have turned to the public cloud to help accelerate their digital transformation. Users are experiencing the flexibility and service public cloud can offer, they are also discovering associated challenges, such as unpredictable costs, data sovereignty, compliance and security concerns, latency, data entanglement, and hyperscaler aversion due to competitive concerns (for more details, see ASUG and DSAG: Insights on SAP Cloud Solutions and RISE with SAP (ASUG 2020)).

These challenges are driving many organizations to put mission-critical workloads back on premises. In fact, recent research from IDC shows that customers are increasingly repatriating from the public cloud to on premises and up to 68% of customers in the US (and even more globally) want to keep SAP workloads on premises (for more details, see IDC Perspective: Workload Repatriation — An Integral Part of Cloud Migration Journeys (October 2020)).

The latest offer in the RISE with SAP offering could be the answer to their conflict: SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, customer data center option with Dell Technologies APEX, a cloud subscription model with cost controls and data sovereignty in their own data center. 


A Cloud to Your Data Center 

Leveraging nearly 30-years in joint innovation, SAP and Dell are delivering a turnkey cloud offering that is fully compliant with SAP’s private cloud concierge standard of service, architecture, and security that is delivered by Dell on-premises or co-location environments. By combining RISE with SAP with Dell Technologies APEX as-a-service portfolio of infrastructure and cloud services organizations can enjoy the flexibility and services of a private cloud while keeping applications and data securely in the data center. This landscape model provides a faster, more open path toward adopting modern technology and thereby helps customers to transform on their terms. 

APEX simplifies the path to the SAP Intelligent Enterprise with a cloud experience on premises. Customers get the cloud operating model with cost controls and data sovereignty in their own data center without the costs that come with traditional capital-expenditure-based IT application deployment. This balance can help organizations prepare for the next step in their digital transformation while benefiting from the flexibility, ease, and agility of a wider choice of technology options.  

Key to the APEX offering is to pay for only what is used, to provision quickly, scale on demand, and simplify digital transformation: 

  • 25% lower technology acquisition costs 

  • Up to 60% faster deployment of new IT capacity 

  • 42% less time needed for IT management and maintenance 

  • 12% shorter development lifecycles with a flexible, scalable infrastructure 

  • 24% greater efficiency within security teams, based on staff hours per year 

  • 39% reduced cost of operations over three years, compared to other IT acquisition models 


Moving Forward Without Trade-offs 

Considering these measurable outcomes, it is clear that the SAP and Dell partnership is helping customers take advantage of a modern IT landscape while freeing up IT budget and achieving meaningful ROIs. Organizations can optimize their application performance through the low-latency connections that only on-premises deployments can provide – lower their total ownership cost with data sovereignty. 

The data center option of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition with APEX provides a SaaS-like experience completely tailored to the customer’s need – a consistent and secure environment with predictable pricing, backed by SAP and Dell.  

Contact your local SAP representative to discuss the benefits that the customer data center option for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, can bring to your organization. Then, be sure to reach out to your Dell Technologies representative and book an SAP innovation workshop to validate and inform those plans. 

Learn more about Dell Technologies APEX by watching our video and visit our sponsorship showcase at SAP TechEd. 
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