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Warning. The instructions in this blog are not recommend by SAP. The actions taken do appear in various security audit logs, and may be forbidden in your company. Furthermore, if they are done incorrectly, they could cause parts of your BW system to become inoperable, without support from SAP to fix.

Use at your own risk.

Deleting Partially Active Requests from DSO

Sometimes while several requests are being activated at a time in a DSO, we get partially active requests. Generally we use “Do not condense requests into one request when activation takes place" option to avoid this situation. There might be other scenarios like restarting the activation for other requests, not deleting all the cancelled requests causing inconsistencies in the DSO. The requirement is to delete such requests from DSO but we are not able to delete them in the regular way.

In such cases, we need to delete the requests from 4 tables which contain all the requests in DSO to maintain consistency. These tables are:

1)      1) RSICCONT

2)      2) RSMONICDP


         4) RSODSACTREQ

To perform this activity please follow the below steps:

1)     1) Go to SE16/SE11 and open the table.

2)      2) Provide the request number which needs to be deleted.


3)       3) Select the request and double click on it to access Display screen.

4)      4)  Write /h in the command prompt field and press enter. We get a Debugger switched on message at the left bottom corner of the screen.


5)      5)  Press enter again to go into the debug mode and select the variable with id “code” and modify its value to “DELE”. For this double click on code first and then double click on the pen, both of these fields are highlighted in yellow. Change the value from SHOW to DELE and press enter.



6)      6) Press F8 to complete the execution and proceed to delete the entry we selected.

7)      7)Click on Delete entry to delete this entry.


The selected entry has been deleted from the custom table.

Repeat the same procedure for all the other 3 tables to maintain consistency.

We can select multiple entries on the Data Browser screen and delete them with only one execution of the debugger tool to modify the value of “code” variable.

Select the entries you want to delete.


Perform the steps 4-7 mentioned above. Now click on “Delete Entry” and then “Next entry”.



Thanks !!

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