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This document would explain necessary steps to be taken when the DTP step gets hanged and it runs forever with its request in yellow state, doesn't allow to delete the request.


When request in yellow status and unable to change/ delete the request that means the request is in psuedo status i.e it is not doing any activity but still in active state.

Whenever DTP is triggered its request sits in table: RSBKREQUEST with processing type: "5" in data elements "USTATE" and "TSTATE" which means the request is in active state.


Enter Request Id



The below screen shot displays "USTATE" and "TSTATE" values for active DTP request, when the DTP is hanged it would be with values "5" in "TSTATE" and "USTATE"


In order to change the values of data elements "USTATE" and "TSTATE", pls execute the Function Module: RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE by inputiing the DTP request number.



After the execution of above function values of "USTATE" and "TSTATE" gets changed to "3" in table: RSBKREQUEST, which signies that the request has been defined as erroneous and requests status gets enabled to be changed to "RED".


Now the option to delete the DTP request gets enabled and after deletion of DTP request, the "USTATE" and "TSTATE" values  gets changed to "4" in the table: RSBKREQUEST.


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