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Base on business requirement we add custom fields in SAP CRM Web UI via AET by using that tool we can enhance standard table and store data in customized fields.

But when we need to remove unnecessary fields from standard table at that time we only remove that custom fields from screen only of CRM Web UI but that custom field still remained in standard table which occupy unnecessary space in standard table.

By using AET we can add new field in SAP CRM Web UI and if you want to remove unwanted field to be removed from database table that will not remove by AET only deletion flag is added for that unwanted field it won’t remove that custom field physically.

To remove unused custom fields from database table SAP CRM has provided on standard program to delete custom fields from standard table AXT_EXT_GENERATE.

Steps to remove custom fields added via AET in SAP web UI:

Step 1: Go to your business role and Remove screen fields which you no longer needed from CRM web UI transactions.

Step 2: Click on configuration button and click on view area

Step 3: Click on show enhancement button and click edit list and delete custom fields which you want to delete.

Step 4: once (deletion) flag is assigned at right hand side of custom field

Step 5: Note down your enhancement ID for that custom fields in which AET has assigned name.

Step 6: In SAP GUI go to SE38 transaction and run AXT_EXT_GENERATE report and add your enhancement id and execute.

Special Thanks to raviraj.jadeja for the guidance :smile:

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