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Whenever you create a material master record, you must assign it to a material type. This requires you to first define the attributes of each material type. You do this in the IMG activity.

Material types are used in the following neighboring areas, where they are also configured in Customizing:

  • Profit Center Accounting

  • Product Cost Planning

  • Sales and Distribution ( availability check)

  • Valuation and Account Assignment ( valuation classes)

  • Production:

    • Bills of material

    • Routings

Consult with these areas if necessary.


You have the following options:

  • Customizing the existing material types in the SAP system if necessary

You do this by selecting the material type and choosing Details.

  • Creating new material types

You do this by copying an existing material type.

In each case, define the attributes of each material type as required.


You can also maintain the price control for the material type in Customizing for Valuation and Account Assignment in the activity Define Price Control for Material Types.


For each material type, you can allow movements in quantity to be updated in all valuation areas, in some valuation areas, or in none. Likewise, you can allow value flows to be updated in all valuation areas, in some valuation areas, or in none.

Once you have maintained the material types, define the number ranges for each material type.


Further notes

SAP library LO Material Master -> Material Types




Result :


1.1.1.Material type

Key that assigns the material to a group of materials such as raw materials, operating supplies or trading goods.

The material type defines certain attributes of the material and has important control functions.




When creating a material master record, the material type determines

  • whether the material number is assigned internally or externally

  • from which number range interval the material number comes

  • which screens are displayed

  • the order in which screens are displayed

  • which department-specific data is displayed for the user to enter
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