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I've been thinking a lot about this blog.

  • What would I say

  • How would I organize it

  • Do I have the knowledge to write it

  • Am I just stuck in the old way of doing things.

To answer all the above questions was I don't have a complete picture.   I  probably don't have all the knowledge needed to write this blog.    But I'm going to.   And I hope people comment.   People with more information than I have.   And those of us that have been quiet during this debate.

So these are my own thoughts and ideas.   Not tied to my company in any way.   (Now you know I'm about to write about something that is going to bring some disagreement.   I hope!)


I hear it being used a lot.  Nimble and quick.  Able to move quickly and easily.   Does on premise prevent you from doing those things?   Not at all.   We can quickly adapt to new requirements.   We can use different APIs when needed.   Constant change is normal.   But change too quickly and risk totally messing up our internal and external customers.   So agile - yes we need to be able to adjust to customer and internal support, but only at the pace that the changes need to be made.   Add to the fact that our business process, while not 100% correct are not standard.   They never will be standard.   To go completely standard would lose the edge we have created by not doing standard things.

The speed of change.   Implement too quickly and it will hurt business.   Implement too slowly and be at risk of losing customers.  This blog is interesting.  It can be used for both on-premise and could implementations/projects.

And I, of course, want to slant you to the darkside where you decide based on your requirements and not the hype.   Check out why a mature SAP customer or really any customer would be unwilling to move to the cloud.  Also their is a very strongly written blog by jelena.perfiljeva2 about how their is not enough on-premise information on our community.


OK - so this was interesting too.  I love the fact that the cost completely ignores the cost of adding in some of the changes you've already made to your system on the cloud.   I'd also love to know how much that would cost us every time there is an upgrade around that change.  I'm sure it is around here somewhere.   Also there is a cost if a customization is needed

Actual implementation costs.   I'm not one of the people that is working with our consulting firm that will help/do our upgrade.   So I can't write about the difference between on-premise and cloud.

I'm unsure as to where the statistics are coming from.   Is it new customers or older customers.  Quite frankly, I know data can be slanted to reflect what you want.  It also depends on how you ask the question.

At this point, your staff comes to mind.  It doesn't matter, on the cloud or on-premise, your developers will need some learning time.  (Yes, Woohoo! ABAP is not on the cloud too)  However, I have to believe the learning curve on the cloud is more than on-premise.

However, yes of course, I am going to play with the newer technology that is given to me.   I love new stuff.   It's just not going to be the 0 - 180 learning curve.  (Although that can be fun too)


You are moving all your data on the cloud.   Need I say more.   Un-hackable places have been hacked.

The Hype:

Well a lot of the blogs here are slanting information towards on the cloud.   I'm really curious as to why.   Yes, most of them are written my SAP folks.   But really, they shouldn't care.   On-premise is their product too.    Wondering about the future of it.  Strange. Or interesting, very, very interesting.

Another thought - I write a lot of comments to ask if something is available on-premise.  The answer is varied.  Some say yes.  Some say the development will be strongly focused on the cloud as that is where businesses are moving.


According to surveys (not just on the community, everywhere)  the cloud is where company's need to be.  Slanted? Maybe.  Brain-washed? Maybe.  Here's a thought - not mine but I believe it - do the work that should be on the cloud, well on the cloud.  Then do the work that doesn't need to be on the cloud, on-premise.  I know then I would want the best of both worlds.  A hybrid solution.  Ha!  That's what I believe we need to be moving towards.

Even blogs, articles, etc say you make the choice based on your needs.   They then go back to reiterate why cloud is the better choice.   Smiling.  I'm smiling. 🙂

That much I agree - it depends on your business needs.  Period.


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