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This was an SAP webcast earlier this month

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We're moving to a more intuitive way to interact with data

Source: SAP

How do we want to interact with the data? How we can use natural language to interact with data

Asking questions and getting answers

It uses natural language

"Show me sales" "show me revenue for last quarter" - it builds a chart as an answer

Source: SAP

Key value is you can get relevant data quickly and make decisions

Traditionally have to find the correct data and build the visualizations

Move to ask questions quickly

Source: SAP

This was shown in the demo

Source: SAP

As type, it looks against the index; helps to get to data by auto-completing

"best 5" is interpreted as "top 5"

"last 2 quarters" - it understands

Once type search, system comes back with proposals and allows you to select

Once select, query in background and visualization is provided

Source: SAP

Phrases supported, evolving continuously, what is shown above is not exhaustive

Can specify chart type in search query

"Describe" - type describe if you don't remember the fields of the model

Source: SAP

Different time frames are supported

For quantitative items, refine the measure

Advantage of search to insight is that it happens quickly

Source: SAP

Search to insight auto completes, gives proposals, and is managed using an index

Stored in a Lucene database

Index only stores metadata (measure names, dimension members, model names)

Search to insight supports acquired data and live HANA

It is a feature at the story level

Where going next...Global Search

Source: SAP

Start by asking a question, searching data in tenant and provide results

New user experience; search on home page

Planned to be released at some point this year

Question & Answer

Q: Does search to insight support other languages?

A: Only English today

Q: Can I change filters/directly as values?

A: If you mean filtering data down, yes you can

Q: Can search quarter over quarter sales and provide a histogram?

A: Not today; working

Q: Support for live universes?

A: Support for live HANA connections first; next support will be BW and expand

Q: Based on co-pilot or

A: Neither; uses Lucene for searching - can be a service to pilot or recast

Q: Can you schedule re-indexing?

A: Done automatically for acquired data; for Live HANA connection you need to re-index to update the auto complete

Q: Are these features available for cloud foundry/neo?

A: Yes

Q: When can we expect this in Spanish?

A: Aware of gap, no timeline this moment

Q: Does search to insight work with live connections to S/4HANA?

A: Not at the moment

Q: Does the indexing impact performance of the model?

A: No, testing done for this

Q: When can we expect to talk to search to insight?

A: Speech to insight is something actively working on - no date yet

Q: Use in a story with multiple models and linked dimensions?

A: Works with multiple models but not linked dimensions - hope to solve with global search later

Q: For live HANA connection, does it make a difference if it is on prem or in cloud?

A: Supports either

Q: Can you add custom keyword and patterns?

A: No

Q: Are these features supported in the mobile app?

A: No, but looking at it, no date on this yet

Q: Do you have a target date for BW live support?

A: No specific quarter

Q: Can you ask for a prediction?

A: Not right now, but want to build interaction around smart features and looking to interact with SAP App Design


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