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In this days probably you should be in a migration SAP PI/PO project to 7.5. Maybe with your customer, you have agreed to just test some integrations to your new version while others are pointed to previous SAP PI/PO version, or do a phased migration by scenarios (for example)

In this cases, you should be able to send (in case you have this kind of integrations) proxy messages through your actual SAP PI/PO and your new system.

The steps to follow are:

  • In backend system tx: sxmb_adm >  Configure Sender/Receiver ID and create a new entry for the interface that you want to send by the non default integration:

  • You should fill the ID, Description, Component, and the message of ESR that you want send by the other integration.

  • After, go to tx: sxmb_admIntegration Engine Configuration and configure a new entry:

    • Category: RUNTIME

    • Parameters: IS_URL

    • Subparameter: <ID of previous Step>

    • Current Value: <SM59 destination for the new integration engine>

And if you go to tx: sxi_monitor and check the trace of one of this messages to new integration engine, you'll see the message getting the parameter and using the new parameter.

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