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This document is used as a reference to set up the DBA Planning Calendar is mandatory when the SAP system is started for the first time and there are no actions planned in a distributed environment.

The most important thing when setting up the DBA Planning Calendar is to choose a pattern of actions for covering the regular database administration (DBA) needs by specifying any required action parameters and taking account of any dependencies between actions.

The DBA Planning Calendar offers a number of preselected patterns, which can be edited as per requirement.

  • Some of the actions available have an impact on database performance and availability. Check the start and end times of scheduled actions to make sure that they do not impact each other and that they do not impact other activities in the system.
  • All required DBA actions cannot be performed from the DBA Planning Calendar or the DBA Cockpit.

The Procedure to setup the activities are as follows:

1. Start the DBA Planning Calendar from the DBA Cockpit by choosing: Jobs --> DBA -- > Planning Calendar or by using the transaction DB13.

2. Choose the Pattern Setup.

3. Select the activity that needs to be performed and complete all the steps in the wizard

4. Choose the action to be performed.

5. The Recurrence patterns can also be defined for the relevant actions.

6. The Log displays the details of the job completion.

The failed log has occurred the SAP system is unable to execute the RFC destination SAPXPG_DBDEST_<DBNAME>.  The RFC destination using a standalone SAP gateway which has been installed on the database server executes the “BRCONNECT” program at the database OS level using the BR*tools.

For the configuration to work,  as a prerequisite standalone gateway needs to be installed.

To resolve the issue with the RFC destination SAPXPG_DBDEST_<DBNAME>, the following steps need to be performed in the distributed environment.

  • Update the Gateway profile

The SAP Gateway start profile needs to be updated with the following parameters. The start profile is available in the location /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/start_<SID>_hostname.

    • SETENV_04 = PATH=$PATH:/export/home/<GWSID>adm:/usr/sap/<GWSID>/SYS/exe/run:/usr/bin:.:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/ucb:/oracle/<DBSID>/112
    • SETENV_06 = SAPDATA_HOME=/oracle/<DBSID>

The changes to the SAP Gateway profile have to be saved to be activated after the restart of the Gateway.

  • Update the Gateway environment profile

The <sapsid>adm user home directory contains all the environment profiles which need to be edited for execution of BR*tools at database from the SAP system. The file to be edited is sapenv_HOSTNAME.csh. The following parameters need to be appended to the existing file:

    • setenv SAPDATA_HOME /oracle/SID
    • setenv ORACLE_SID   SID
    • setenv PATH /export/home/<GWSID>:/usr/sap/<GWSID>/SYS/exe/run:/usr/bin:.:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/ucb:/oracle/SID/112/bin
    • setenv ORACLE_HOME /oracle/SID/112
    • setenv USER <GWSID>adm
    • setenvdbs_ora_schema SAP<SID>
    • setenv DB_SID SID
    • setenvdbs_ora_tnsnameSID
    • setenvdbms_typeORA
    • setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run:/oracle/SID/112/lib
    • setenv DIR_LIBRARY /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run

  • Copy the BR*tools executable to Gateway and provide relevant permissions.

The BR*tools related executable relevant to the Operating system are copied into the Gateway kernel directory (/sapmnt/SID/exe) and the permissions 4775 to be provided to the executable.

cp brarchive brspace brbackup brconnect brrecover brrestore brtools

chmod 755 brtools

chmodu+s,o-rwx brarchive brspace brbackup brconnect brrecover brrestore

  • Restart the gateway

The SAP Gateway needs to be stopped using the command:

Stopsap <GWSID>

Stopsap sapstartsrv

Check if the gateway related processes are still running by using the command:

Ps –ef| grep gw*

If any process is still running, kill the process using the command:

Kill -9 <process id>

The SAP Gateway needs to be started using the command:

Startsap <GWSID>

Check if the process is running properly by re-executing the command:

Ps –ef|grep gw*

  • Test the RFC connection in SM59

The RFC connection SAPXPG_DBDEST_<DBHOST> needs to be executed with the Gateway details of the standalone gateway server installed.

The RFC connection needs to be successful.

  • Test the job execution in DB13.

The activity needs to be rescheduled in DB13 to check if the activity is getting executed and the job log shows the following screen:

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