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In my previous blog (How to Decrease Your SAP Database Size?) I gave all known options to decrease the Total DB size of SAP Solutions. The fastest and may be the cheapest method is using an alternative database software.

The Dino's in IT still doesn't believe in databases other than Oracle, but nowadays it is easy to say that they are wrong. With the 64-bit technology evolution, all databases performs quite well.

This weekend, in Turkey,  at one of the biggest Retail customers, we did an export and import of ERP production system which is already running Windows 2008/Sql Server 2008. But their database doesn't have ROW and PAGE compressions.

So we decided to export and import the database to lower DB size.


Total DB Size (prior to operation): 5200 GB

Total DB Size (after SQL 2008 R2 conversion*): 1000 GB

Export/Import Duration (done in parallel): 60 Hours

Space BeneFIT: ~ 81 %


* SQL 2008 R2 Conversion: Here, the meaning of conversion is exporting the database and importing again on a SQL 2008 R2 version database with latest SAP Kernel 7.0 to enable ROW and PAGE compressions.
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