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Hello colleagues,

I recently shared a XS Engine library into Github that may be useful for those working with XS Engine and DataTables plugin, a popular free and lightweight jQuery plugin for table creation in web applications with a wide range of features available.

With small amount of data, the plugin itself can handle almost every data manipulation case in the client-side, however, as the data increases (real life scenarios), it becomes more efficient to have a server-side logic to retrieve just the desired part of data in each moment, according to pagination, filtering and sorting of the displayed table.

The plugin's developer team has an example of how this Server-Side Processing would work with PHP on their site. Basically, I developed a xsjslib that does all the work that their PHP code does, expecting to receive the input parameters defined on this reference, plus I implemented some additional options in order to handle different scenarios where the project I am currently working on demands. These additional options are described in the inside the Github repo (hopefully, clearly described :razz: ).

In summary, this library pushes the following to the server-side:

  • Pagination;
  • Filtering (some additional options extend this feature, enabling different operators than the default);
  • Sorting;
  • Format parsing (additional feature).

which enables data from huge tables (tested with tables with ~1B rows) to be quickly displayed in a web interface.

I included some XSJS code as example how this library could be easily exploited.

The Github repository can be found here.

The library still uses the methods of XS API $.db, so it works will almost every SAP HANA revisions (tested on revs. 85, 97 and 102).

Hope this is useful for someone.

Let me know what your thoughts about it and, if someone find any bug, please let me know.


Andre Rodrigues

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