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This document addresses one of the important and a basic concepts in BW where we might have many CHAR type fields available in the datasource. But, not all datasource fields are available for selection in the infopackage.

For any standard or custom datasource in your source system, you want to selectively load data based on year or any other parameters. But, sometimes you might be wondering this field is not available for selection in the source system. In this case, your analysis should be as follows.

1. Not all RAW and DEC type fields are available for selection in the infopackage.

2. Checking the table ROOSFIELD for this datasource.

Steps to be carried for the pointer 2.

Step 1: I considered the datasource 0CRM_MULT_PART_GEN, for which I created an infopackage. The Selection tab of infopackage is as below.

Step 2: Check for this datasource in the source system in the table ROOSFIELD.

Here, you see that only the fields whose 'Field Attr' (SELECTION) value as 'X' are available for selection in the infopackage in the BW system.

Now you got the picture why not all values are available for infopackage selection.

I'd simply edit this entry  to change the field SELECTION (Field Attr) value to 'X' and thereby making this field available in the infopackage selection.

Note: Fields in datasource of type RAW and DEC are not available for selection, albeit you change this field value to X in the ROOSFIELD table.

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